About the Chef

imageAshley East (formerly Ashley Hightower) found her passion for cooking at a young age. In 2001 she received her culinary certification from Cookery at the Grange in Somerset, England. After starting Dinner at Home in 2003 she continued to learn from other chefs while working at several local restaurants including the Clifton Inn. Ashley started the business as a personal chef, with a mission to prepare fresh, healthy meals for busy people. She quickly became known for catering a variety of events. Today Ashley still enjoys the small business she always envisioned. Her mission remains rooted in preparing fresh, healthy cuisine for those who cherish excellent food and heartwarming company. Aside from cooking Ashley is an avid cyclist and loves the great outdoors.

“Since launching Dinner at Home in 2003, my cooking has evolved into more than just a business.  It is a reflection of what I think dining and entertaining should be about: enjoying delicious healthy food in the company of family and friends.  I cook with the freshest ingredients possible and strive to buy from local producers.  This not only supports area growers, it reduces the wasteful effects of shipping and storage.  It is exciting to grow a business in which nutrition, companionship, and environmental consciousness come together in a rich and rewarding culinary experience.”

-Ashley East, Chef/Owner